TK 13,700.00 Ex Tax: TK 13,700.00

Time Attendance Type: Card+ FingerFinger: 3000, Card: 5,000Log Capacity: 30,000Display:TFT LCD Color ScreenModel: F18+IDCountry of Origin China ...


TK 17,300.00 Ex Tax: TK 17,300.00

Model: F20Type: Card+ FingerUser: 2,000Log Capacity: 50,000Display: TFT LCD Color Screen


TK 13,500.00 Ex Tax: TK 13,500.00

Model: F21LiteType: Card+ FingerFinger:3000, Card: 5,000LogCapacity:1,00,000Display :TFT LCD Color Screen


TK 6,500.00 Ex Tax: TK 6,500.00

Model: FR1200 ReaderFingerprint Slave Reader for ZKin Bio panels and standalonereader controllers

I Clock680

TK 20,500.00 Ex Tax: TK 20,500.00

I Clock680Type: Card+ Face+ FingerFinger: 8,000, Card:10,000Log Capacity: 2,00,000Display:TFT Screen 3’5

I Clock700

TK 21,500.00 Ex Tax: TK 21,500.00

Model: I Clock700Type: Card+ FingerFinger: 8,000Log Capacity: 2,00,000Display: 3.5-inchScreen


TK 1,800.00 Ex Tax: TK 1,800.00

Model: KR-201Card print Reader


TK 20,500.00 Ex Tax: TK 20,500.00

Time AttendanceModel: Multibio-700Type: Card+ Face+ FingerFinger: 2000, Card: 10,000Face: 1,500Log Capacity: 1,00,000Display:3-inchTouchScreen


TK 7,850.00 Ex Tax: TK 7,850.00

Model: SC105Type: Card+ PasswordCard:30,000,Capacity:80,000Display: TFT LCD Color Screen


TK 10,000.00 Ex Tax: TK 10,000.00

Fingerprint Templates 1,500 Transactions 80,000 RFID Cards 5,000 ...

Time Attendance

TK 0.00 Ex Tax: TK 0.00

Model: F18+ID Type: Card+ Finger Finger: 3000, Card: 5,000 Log Capacity: 30,000 Display: TFT LCD Color Screen...


TK 23,500.00 Ex Tax: TK 23,500.00

Model: uFace800Type: Card+ Face+ FingerFinger: 3,000, Face:3,000,Card:10,000Log Capacity: 1,00,000Display:4.3-InchTouchScreen


TK 7,500.00 Ex Tax: TK 7,500.00

Time AttendanceModel:ZK-K-40Zkteco K40 Attendance& Access Control Machine withBattery Backup,Fingerprint:1000, Rfid Cards: 1000RecordCapacity:80,000Communication: TCP/IP, USB Host....


TK 5,300.00 Ex Tax: TK 5,300.00

Model: ZK4500USB Fingerprint ReaderScanner Sensor forComputer PC Home OfficeSupplies


TK 5,000.00 Ex Tax: TK 5,000.00

Model: ZK9000USB Fingerprint ReaderScanner Sensor forComputer PC Home OfficeSuppliesDisplay: NO

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